Our commitment to mental health

Spending 13 years as a medic in Pontiac, MI and Oakland, CA, I witnessed the poor mental health support and chronic pain for both patients and fellow first responders.  I set out to build a product and brand that was focused on delivering transparency and consistency.  Giving those I know that needed this natural remedy through a trusted source to improve their way of life.  This is why we exist.

Utilizing proprietary DNA, The Wicked Root’s mission is to offer a brand of pharmaceutical grade CBD products people can rely on.

Knowing the medicinal value of each unique isolated terpene allows us to combine complementary compounds. Although terpenes hold a plethora of therapeutic values, most can be categorized as either stimulants or sedatives, independent of their additional physiological effects. Most strains are hybrids to one degree or another. The reason that people have adverse side effects to cannabis has less to do with THC content and more to do with the presence of competing terpenes. When consumed, they can take action on the body similar to that of combining uppers and downers, which can result in increased heart rate, reduced blood pressure, clammy hands, and often anxiety.

By controlling the terpene profile, we can eliminate any would be contraindications while also amplifying the desired therapeutic target. This process serves as the basis for creating what we refer to as, Customized Cannabinoid Medicine.

People Helped
Thaddeus Setla
CEO & Founder

"As a medic in Oakland, I had a front line seat to the poor mental health support for patients and my fellow first responders. Opioid addiction, chronic pain, PTSD, depression all could be handled better in my eyes. Bureaucracy will catch up, but it's common sense science that drives my interest in helping those in need. It's my turn to help millions. I wish patients had this option decades ago."

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